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Cotton House

3 Bougainvillea Dr



Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI

    Cotton has been cultivated for 7,000 years and has been an important commodity all over the world.  It is a common misconception that cotton was introduced to the Turks and Caicos Islands by the British Loyalists. The Taino, or Lucayan Indians who were the first inhabitants of these islands, were growing, weaving, and trading cotton long before the plantation era.  They wove cotton into mosquito netting and comfortable hammocks, “Hamada”, which were later emulated by Europeans sailors who adopted these ‘sling beds’ as far superior to sleeping on hard wooden decks. ‘Sea-Island Cotton’ (Gossipier barbadense), is still regarded as the finest cotton in the world “thanks to such enduring qualities as its long staple length, silky luster and fine uniform texture.” 


    Cotton House has been lovingly built with enduring qualities; sturdy stone and cement walls, custom cabinetry in every room, locally fabricated hurricane rated doors and windows, and designed in a classic Caribbean architectural style.  As the Taino’s who cleverly wove items of comfort for island life, so Cotton House was woven as a place of effortless elegance, a place of luxurious simplicity, a place of comfort for our family and yours.  We invite you to experience it for yourself.